Welcome Message

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the 12th Asia Pacific Congress in Maternal Fetal Medicine to be held in Penang in 2016. As the congress has been growing bigger and bigger with time, we will start to have parallel sessions during Day 2 and Day 3 of the congress in order to accommodate more interesting topics for discussion. Furthermore, we will set the theme of the next congress as 'Saving Mothers and Babies in Asia ~ Actions Speak Louder than Words'. We will not only focus on the advances of ultrasound and MRI in fetal medicine, but also in maternal medicine and intrapartum management.

To maximize the value of this meeting, we have been very careful in choosing only good speakers, speakers who are not only world-class researchers but are also able to give good and informative lectures. Participants are also encouraged to submit abstract(s) to this meeting, to share their clinical experience and research findings with colleagues.

The Congress venue this year is located in George Town of Penang, which was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site alongside Malacca in 2008 and ranked No. 4 in Lonely Planet's List of Top 10 Cities for "Best in Travel 2016". Hope to meet you all in the George Town to experience its unique fascinating fusion of the East and West, modern and tradition.

We are sure that this congress will be a unique opportunity and experience for all those who are interested in Maternal Fetal Medicine. We sincerely invite all of you to join this congress and take part in this important event in Maternal Fetal Medicine.

Prof.Leung Prof.Nazimah
Prof Leung Tak Yeung
Chairman APCMFM 2016
Assoc Prof Nazimah Idris
Co-Chairperson APCMFM 2016




  Important Dates

31 July 2016

Extended Abstract Submission Deadline

15 August 2016

Extended Presenting Author Notification

3 October 2016

Extended Deadline for Early Bird Registration

27 September 2016

E-Poster Submission Deadline

7 October 2016

Congress Day